Our JOAT Energy Division provides our clients with turn-key solutions for energy optimisation systems using ABB variable speed drives and expert knowledge in drives applications. Throughout the water value chain from source to consumption and then waste, there is a huge amount of energy used in the transfer and treatment of water. This is where JOAT can help! By optimising the energy usage in these processes, we are able to deliver significant cost savings in energy and by doing so, contributing to the water utility’s profitability and sustainability.

The knowledge and experience gained in municipal and industrial sectors is extended to other sectors such as Agriculture. This sector normally accounts for the majority of water usage in most countries, yet is normally the one with the least attention to efficient energy usage and therefore has the biggest saving potential. JOAT actively assists irrigation companies and farmers with optimising their pump control systems which in most cases leads to lower energy costs, efficient and effective irrigation of crops resulting in higher yields at lower input costs.