i20 Pressure Management

Advanced pressure management has been rapidly evolving for the last two decades due to the increased need from the market place. The JOAT Group of Companies.

Key Accomplishments

Total length of mains worked on.
Total number of connections worked on.
Total verified savings.

Non-Domestic Water Audits and Efficiency Programmes

Using the vast experience gained by work undertaken on many water distribution systems, the JOAT Group of Companies.

NRW Master Plans

A NRW Reduction Strategic Plan sets the baseline, assesses various options for intervention, sets medium- and long-term targets.

System Optimisation

The natural water resources of Southern Africa will not be able to meet future demands if present growth trends in usage continue.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions for large-scale Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction programme in the current economic climate is a viable solution.

Field Verification and Asset Documentation

Many Water Supply Authorities and private customers are faced with the ongoing
the problem of locating underground utilities.

Training Courses

The JOAT Group of Companies offers a practical, comprehensive range of training
courses typically consist of both classroom sessions and field training.

Leak Detection Management

The JOAT Group of Companies is fully equipped to manage leak detection and
repair work under any conditions or environment.

Meter Audits Calibration and Sizing

JOAT Group of Companies has entered the water efficiency market, providing conservation programmes for industrial commercial and
residential consumers.

Pressure Management

Excess pressure within a distribution system can give rise to unnecessary expenses through both increased leakage and additional maintenance costs from higher pipe burst frequencies.

Intelligent Bulk Pipeline Monitoring and Assessment

Bulk or transmission pipelines are often susceptible to reduced flow volumes
caused by leaks, bursts, obstructions such as partially open valves, air locks and
air valve vandalism.

Process of Optimization of Irrigation Systems

The JOAT Group of Companies has expanded extensively into the control and
optimisation in agricultural applications.

Flow and Pressure Measurements

Before a Water Supply Authority can make any decisions concerning the
optimization or augmentation of their water distribution network, it is vital
that accurate flow and pressure data be recorded.

Variable Speed Drives in Process Optimization

The JOAT team is an ABB Drives aligned partner and ABB Authorized value