Non-Revenue Water Reduction

The Problem

One of the major issues affecting water companies today is the considerable difference between the volume of water put into a distribution system and the volume of water billed to consumers, referred to as Non-Revenue Water or NRW. High levels of NRW reflect huge volumes of water being lost through leaks, being used illegally and/or not being invoiced to consumers correctly, and can seriously affect the financial viability of water companies through lost revenues and increased operational costs. According to a recent World Bank report, the total cost to water utilities caused by NRW worldwide can be conservatively estimated at $14 billion per annum, while a 2012 report by the Water Research Commission in South Africa conservatively estimated the total cost of water losses to be R7,2 billion per year. Apart from the huge waste of financial resources, this inefficiency has a catastrophic effect on our water resources when our planet can least afford it.

Our Experience

JOAT has responded to this problem with our unique style in assisting water companies in both the public and private sector in reducing NRW volumes, reducing leakage volumes, improving revenue streams and restoring continuous water supply. JOAT has successfully executed tailor-made solutions in South Africa as well as internationally, as has undertaken projects in: South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Suriname, Honduras and Nicaragua. JOAT is conscious of the environment in which it operates and continuously seeks ways to improve on sustainable solutions offered to Clients. The winning combination of leading expertise, reliable and world-class products, in-depth knowledge of the complexities of reducing NRW, a reputation for excellence and achieving impacts within time and budget ensures that our Clients are guaranteed success in every project partnership. JOAT’s technical expertise is further enhanced through our relationships with various global partners.

Our Value Proposition

Drought response plans

Water balances

Field measurements

Asset verification

Operation and maintenance solutions

Pump station efficiency audits

Intelligent Infrastructure solutions, including smart water and smart meter applications

Irrigation efficiency

Non-Revenue Water reduction (strategic and operational)

Risk/Reward or Shared Water Savings Contracts

Turnkey solutions

Pressure management solutions (fixed and smart)

Leak detection

Resolving intermittent water supply and ensuring continuous water supply

Industry foresight

JOAT has exceptional local and international market knowledge. Through dedicated, outcomes-focused work in NRW reduction, system stabilization and water efficiency programs, JOAT has a sound understanding of cause and effect, appropriate solutions and sustainable interventions applicable to our market. JOAT invests heavily into both internal training programs as well as academic research at tertiary institutions, and has formed partnerships with a number of institutions in this regard. JOAT is also the only international company that has developed and uses its own customized smart device apps for NRW and pressure:leakage principles, JO-Apps.

Quality assurance

JOAT’s ISO9001; ISO14001 and ISO45001 certification ensures that projects are delivered to the highest levels of quality, and project management expertise based on years of experience in our field ensures that projects are delivered with the required impact, on time and within budget.

Organisational strengths

JOAT’s pool of highly experienced and multi-skilled engineers and technicians, institutionalized training and Standard Operating Procedures, reputation, performance and Client culture, underpinned by execution excellence, ensures that Clients receive quality service and customized attention. JOAT has unparalleled access to dedicated product and service support in both the water and energy sectors, leading to customized solutions and quick support times, improving our level of service to Clients.

Our Network

JOAT has national exposure in South Africa, with offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg and Richards Bay.