The JOAT Group of Companies offers a practical, comprehensive range of training courses that are focused on improving the efficiency of service delivery. Courses typically consist of both classroom sessions and field training with the emphasis being on total capacity building and skills transfer.

All training courses are customised to transfer knowledge to all levels of the Client’s organizaion from field artisans all the way up to senior management always taking into consideration the Client’s needs and requests.

Training courses are offered in the following fields:

  • Water Conserva+on and Demand Management
  • Benchmarking and Performance Indicators
  • Demand Forecas+ng
  • Water Balances and Water Auditing
  • Asset Management
  • Water Loss Control
  • Flow and Pressure Field Measurements
  • Flow meters (Consumer, Bulk and Custody Transfer)
  • Control Valves (Basic and Advanced Pressure Management)
  • Leak Detection (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • System Stabilisation
  • Energy Efficiency in Water Systems
  • Burst Frequency Analysis